Home Additions Calgary | Our Process

Home Additions Calgary | Our Process

Home Additions Calgary | Our focus at Fresh Start Projects is to always build better. This means using the best materials and systems available, creating a strong team of highly skilled people, and following a streamlined process that ensures the best experience for you, our customers. We have found this process results in happy clients and a more enjoyable renovation experience.

Renovating doesn’t need to be scary.

Home Additions Calgary | How it works

The Learning Stage

This stage encompasses our first few conversations after you initially reach out to us. After you fill out our Pre-Meeting Intake Form, we’ll set up a time to visit your home and chat about your family’s needs and your vision for the project. This will allow us to come up with a high-level estimate of what your project will cost. If this number sounds like a fit for you, we move onto Stage 2. If not, we can discuss ways to adjust the scope of the project to fit within your budget, or we’re happy to shake your hand and thank you for your time.


Once your project is formally in the schedule with the construction contract signed, hammers will start to swing! All necessary permits will be procured leading up to your start date, and all areas not being renovated will be protected. Our team of professionals will take your project from demolition to completion, giving you a beautiful and comfortable place to call home.

Design and Budgeting

If you aren’t already working with a design professional, we will happily refer you to one of our trusted designers and/or architects. At this point we would sign a Pre-Construction Services Agreement and collect a small fee, which enables us to be by your side throughout the entire design process. Our pricing is transparent as we use a cost-based pricing system instead of fixed price quotes – meaning you never pay for any material or services that you are not getting. Throughout the length of the PCSA, we will attend design meetings to offer our advice and input, arrange for any necessary inspections/engineer visits, and invite our subtrades through to update the budget as the plans are evolving. This ensures you have full control over the direction of the budget. Towards the end of this process, you can decide to move onto construction with us and we can start scheduling the beginning of your project.

Project Completion

At this point, we hand over the keys to your new space. Any remaining items are taken care of to ensure you are completely satisfied, and your warranty period begins. Welcome to your new home!