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Calgary Renovations | We specialize in revitalizing older homes to exceed today’s efficiency standards while adding charm and beauty.

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Calgary Renovations | In the coming years, major changes are being made to the Building Code in Alberta that will require tighter, more efficient homes. But why wait until then?​
The products and technologies that allow us to build better already exist today and are being used in many other parts of the country and worldwide.
Our goal is to bring a focus on efficiency and comfort to every project, as simply following minimum code and standard building practices will not produce a high-performing home that lasts for generations.

Calgary Renovations | Continually Building Better

Fresh Start Projects Inc. is dedicated to transforming older homes, infusing them with modern efficiency and elegance. Our focus is on upgrading these charming residences to meet and surpass current energy standards, all while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. We’re committed to delivering quality renovations that blend classic charm with contemporary sustainability and style.

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Calgary Renovations | Benefits of Building Better

Reduced Energy Bills

Better homes require less energy, leading to significantly lower utility costs.

Environmental Impact

They drastically reduce carbon footprints, aiding in the fight against climate change.

Enhanced Comfort

Improved insulation and better design result in more consistent temperatures and better indoor air quality.

Increased Resilience

Smarter and more durable homes will last longer without needing to be renovated and will stand up better to extreme weather events.

Higher Property Value

Better-built homes have higher resale values due to enhanced durability and future-proofing features.